Summary - Season 1, Episode 5: Da Shi

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    Da Shi
    Season 1, Episode 5
  • After Wang Maio’s experience of seeing the universe flicker, Da Shi takes him out to a restaurant for drinks and some tripe. At the restaurant, Shi lets Wang know his ultimate rule: “Anything sufficiently weird must be fishy.”

    The next day, after sobering up, Shi fills Wang in on his thoughts about what has been going on:

    He assumes that this effort is coordinated and that whoever is behind this is most afraid of scientists, but that the best way to react is to continue his research as well as continue with the Three Body game

    Wang takes the advice and returns to the world of Three Body, where he runs into another historical Chinese figure, Mozi, who says civilization 137 was destroyed 362,000 years ago.

    Mozi has built a complex model of what he believes to be the universe. He theorized that the universe is 2 hollow spheres sitting in a sea of fire. The holes in the inner sphere are stars and a large hole on the outer sphere is the sun.

    His model has predicted that they are about to enter a 4 year stable era, however the Blue Space of the sky soon filled with the very large and very hot sun, burning everything in the world, including Mozi and Wang, forcing the inhabitants to dehydrate, and ultimately destroying civilization 141

    Afterwards, Wang goes again to visit Ye Wenjie, and when the subject of the Red Coast base comes up, she agrees to tell Wang her history at the secretive base