Summary - Season 3, Episode 1: The Wallfacers

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    The Wallfacers
    Season 3, Episode 1
  • Ye Wenjie

    Sometime close to the time of the end of the Three-Body Problem, at the grave of her daughter, she meets up with an astronomy turned sociology professor, Luo Ji. She suggests that he take on the study of “Cosmic Sociology.” The study of the “supersociety” made up of all the civilizations in the universe.

    Crisis Era - Year 3

    Mike Evans / Second Wallbreaker / ETO

    The Trisolarans speak to Mike Evans of the ETO about the nature of humanity to deceive, a concept that they do not comprehend since they communicate their thoughts directly. They become afraid of humanity and “abandon” them, leading Evans to his doom aboard Judgement Day.

    The sophons reappear to the “Second Wallbreaker” and let them know that they have a mission. Afterwards the wallbreaker meets up with the remnants of the ETO within the world of Three Body

    The old men

    Three old men adjust to the world of both retirement and the Crisis Era. Afraid for the continuation of their family line, Zhang Yuanchao is tricked by Da Shi’s son, Xiaoming out of $65,000 when he promises to guarantee that his family is secured a spot on a ship that will leave Earth in about 120 years. Zhang realizes that he’s been duped after the UN passes a resolution declaring escapism a crime against humanity

    Zhang Beihai

    Zhang Beihai, a naval political commissar, ultimately joins the newly formed Chinese Space Force. He warns the newly formed organization about the dangers of defeatism within the ranks. He worries that the current military is too reliant on technology and because of the sophon lock and humanity's inability to progress scientifically, the soldiers in the coming fight vs. the Trisolarans will feel that the war is unwinnable.

    Luo Ji

    Luo Ji ultimately does take on the study of Cosmic Sociology, who he tells the women he’s been sleeping with that he could’ve been famous for. Even though he doesn’t even remember her name, their relationship comes to an abrupt end when she is hit and killed by a car in an accident right in front of him. He is taken to a safe room far underground, where he believes that he is under arrest and being questioned by our old friend, Da Shi.

    It becomes clear that Luo isn’t under arrest, but rather is under protection, and he’s transported under heavy guard ultimately to the airport where he boards a long distance charter flight.

    During flight, he recollects the time where his girlfriend at the time asked him to write her a novel. Luo works on this novel and in the process ultimately fantasies about falling in love with the character that he has devised.

    Luo and Shi land in New York and go to the UN Headquarters, where the Wallfacer Project is announced. A program that is designed to combat the Trisolarans by exploiting the fact that they are unable to understand deception and cannot read human thought by charging 4 people with developing plans entirely inside the confines of their minds. They are given virtually unlimited resources and power as part of this project, and Luo Ji is named as the fourth Wallfacer.