Summary - Season 3, Episode 2: Cosmic Brush

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    Cosmic Brush
    Season 3 , Episode 2
  • Zhang Beihai continues his work within the Space Force to ensure that the military is ready and believes in victory against the incoming Trisolaran invasion. When planning for the future of the fleet, Zhang is the only one that volunteers for the “high tech” area of research that includes life support, and fusion drives that go 5% the speed of light.

    We’re introduced to the other Wallfacers and the start of their plans.

    Luo Ji exits the UN building after being named a Wallfacer and is the victim of an assassination attempt by thr ETO. Thanks to his bulletproof vest and Da Shi’s quick reaction, he is relatively unharmed.

    After trying to renounce his position of Wallfacer, he realizes that due to the nature of the program, no matter what he says, no one can really trust that he has left the program, so he embraces his ability to do whatever he wants. He requests an idyllic manor in the mountains and lives a life of luxury.

    He also requests that Da Shi find his dream girlfriend in real life, which Da Shi does with the use of police face recognition technology, an art graduate named Zhuang Yan. Luo tells her that his plan is that she is to be happy, which starts with a trip to the Louvre where they explore the famous paintings together including the Mona Lisa.

    The remnants of the ETO meet in Three-Body and assign three Wallbreakers to determine and expose the secret Wallfacer plans. Luo Ji is not assigned a Wallbreaker, saying he is his own Wallbreaker, but admitting that he ultimately poses the biggest danger since he is in “direct contest” with their Lord.

    Finally, the military has taken over the operation of the Hubble II space telescope and despite its inability to see Trisolaris, they are forced to point it in that direction, and while expecting to see nothing, they do notice “lines” in the cosmic dust that resembles a brush. They are shocked to realize that they are looking at the trails of the Trisolaran fleet on the way to Earth