Summary - Season 3, Episode 3: The Spell

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    The Spell
    Season 3 , Episode 3
  • Crisis Era: Year 8


    Wallfacer Frederick Tyler is visited by his Wallbreaker, who was able to figure out his entire secret plan. His plan (in the English translation, more on this later) consists of recruiting ETO members to help double-cross and destroy the Earth’s space force. He would then make a peace offering to the Trisolarans of large quantities of water from Europa and Ceres to help them rehydrate. Furthermore, his plan was that as the ETO ships approached the Trisolaran fleet, we would detonate the bombs at close range.

    Fully defeated by his plans being exposed, he visits Luo Ji at his estate, and shortly afterwards commits suicide by the lake near his house.

    Luo Ji

    Luo Ji, meanwhile, continues his life of luxury, and in the ensuing years, he has married Zhuang Yan and had a daughter, Xia Xia.

    Shortly after being visited by Tyler, he finds that Zhuang Yan and Xia Xia have been taken away from him by the PDC, a plan that has been in place since they originally found Zhuang Yan to match Luo Ji’s description. They realize that he is the Wallbreaker that Trisolarais fears the most in the repeated attempts to kill him, and want him to refocus his efforts to figure out why.

    While strolling his estate, and eventually wandering onto the frozen lake, he falls through and has an epiphany as to the nature of the universe, and remarks to himself, “Wallfacer Luo Ji, I am your Wallbreaker.”

    He leaves his estate to work far underground for security, and gets to work on what he calls a “spell” that has to do with broadcasting the location of a star about 50 light years away. However, the ETO’s latest plan to get to Luo Ji appears to work. They have developed a genetically engineered virus that gets everyone around him mildly sick, but is deadly to specifically Luo Ji. He turns to his last resort after there’s no medical solution.. hibernate, and hope for a future cure.

    Crisis Era: Year 12

    Zhang Beihai seeks out Ding Yi, who has just made a breakthrough in fusion drives and see if he can hide his research. Zhang is worried that the research into more conventional technology that won’t produce interstellar ships will ultimately lead to humanity’s defeat.

    Zhang takes matters into his own hands, purchases meteorites, fashions them into bullets, and assassinates the lead scientists in space by shooting them with the meteorite bullets to make it look like a meteorite shower. This effectively moves all research into the “non-media propelled drive” research that he feels has the best chance of future success.

    The sophons and the ETO observe this, but they feel that this research and triumphalism are ultimately losing efforts and of no risk.

    Zhang Beihai then goes into hibernation to help the future Space Force.

    Crisis Era: Year 20


    Hines wakes up from hibernation to find that his wife, Keiko, has continued on the research of faster computers, and by utilizing a neural network of sorts, they are able to increase efficiency and speed by about 10,000 times.

    In their continued research, they come across a method which they name the “menal seal” in which they can implant an idea. There is broad skepticism since this plan is tantamount to mind control. However, they develop a compromise, they will only implant the idea of faith in victory if a member of the military happens to volunteer. After a slow start, there is a steady stream of volunteers, after which both Hines and Keiko decide to go into hibernation. Shortly before losing consciousness, Keiko also has an epiphany, but is not able to alert anyone before she falls into the deep sleep of hibernation.


    Finally, Wallfacer Diaz emerges from hibernation to find that they’ve been able to develop “stellar” hydrogen bombs. He requests a test in an underground tunnel on Mercury. After the PDC debates, they eventually allow it after it is described as the most secure fallback location against the Trisolaran fleet.

    After the successful test on Mercury, Diaz is also confronted by his Wallbreaker. His Wallbreaker details Diaz’s diabolical plan to destroy the entire solar system by detonating enough bombs on Mercury to make it fall into the sun, causing a chain reaction destroying planets up to Jupiter or further, thereby making the solar system uninhabitable by the Trisolarans, however destroying the Earth and all the people on it as a consequence.

    The PDC wants to charge Diaz with the to-be-created law against the “Extinction of Life on Earth”, however Diaz tells them that he has rigged a dead man’s switch to himself, and should anything happen to him that a bomb will detonate under New York City. His only demand is that he is allowed to return home, to which they reluctantly agree. However, upon returning home, he is not greeted with open arms, but with a shower of rocks, as his people ultimately stone him to death.

    We end with a wrap of the secondary characters we met along the way, and look towards the future.